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Panel Table

Safety is a primary concern when building at heights, and the hazards associated with steel erection are significant. Time also plays a significant factor with steel erection and building at heights. We spent years developing solutions that bring as much work activity as possible to ground level -- to help keep teams safe, and to help gain efficiencies in builds.
We developed the revolutionary Panel Table: a transportable, self-contained table system consisting of two work platforms below 6 feet that allow workers to assemble joists, bridging, frames, and deck into modules that can be transported or lifted into place to complete a structure.

“The Panel Table is a massive labor saver. The system we have brings efficiency and safety. It’s just fantastic”

Thomas Zitting
BZI Superintendent

More Innovations



    Vastly improves the traditional means of lifting roofs and mezzanines, using a proprietary telehandler attachment that consists of a system of clamps, leverages, and controls that securely hold an assembly while navigating through the building footprint to final placement.



    A telehandler jib attachment designed to handle panelized insulated metal panel (IMP), and to work side-by-side with ground-level assembly on the Panel Table.