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Wall Systems

BZI is bringing innovation and efficiency to wall systems and platform installations

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Our innovations in steel erection have been applied to walls and platforms, with powerful results in improving project completion times and keeping team members safe.

These new levels of safety and efficiency are achieved through our proprietary equipment allowing teams to panelize IMP walls at ground level, then brought into place using a combination of our innovative equipment and cranes. Our IMP systems incorporate the parapet, protecting the edge and allowing the panels to go up safely, increasing the safety and speed of bringing enclosure to the building. Along with IMP installation, we also provide installation for tilt and pre-cast walls.

As another part of our value package, platform installation services of both light and heavy-gauge platforms are offered for fulfilment centers, and other building types. Projects of various design types have been completed across the United States.

BZI’s landmark innovations and cutting-edge technology change the game for Walls & Platforms

Our success in Walls & Platforms is directly tied to our different way of thinking, where we concept, design and build many of the tools that allow us to be safer and more efficient.

Strategic Partners

BZI has been fortunate to work with leading contractors, developers, fabricators, suppliers, and other industry partners.

"Our IMP wall system installation increases speed. It increases safety. It allows for 80% of the crew’s time to be spent on the ground versus in a boom lift in the air on the building."

Joseph Jessop
BZI Walls & Platforms