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IMP Table

Current IMP installation methods present schedule challenges for concurrent and following trades because access to work zones are not available until that portion of the IMP scope is complete. We saw that bringing the wall assemblies to ground level would drastically reduce aerial time on the project.
With our patent-pending IMP Table, materials can be safely handled and installed in a controlled and ergonomic manner, reducing fatigue and other injury risks. This translates into shorter durations for the overall IMP scope, allowing teams to enclose the building perimeter faster. It also improves site logistics as most of the assembly can be completed away from the building perimeter – improving access for multiple trades and optimizing material staging

“With our panelized system, we'll build the sub structure on the table, sheet it with the IMP and then swing it into place. It increased speed. It increased safety, and keeps more of our people on the ground,”

Joseph Jessop

More Innovations

  • Wall Master™

    Wall Master™

    A telehandler jib attachment designed to handle panelized insulated metal panel (IMP), and to work side-by-side with ground-level assembly on the Panel Table.

  • Sky Brace™

    Sky Brace™

    Provides an innovative bracing solution that ensures structural stability.