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Beam Champ

This beam-rotating system offers a new, improved way for welding teams to access all sides of a beam easily and safely

Accessing each side of a heavy steel beam for welding work can be time consuming, cumbersome, and even threaten team member safety. Some rotator solutions have been created by other companies, but they don't address many practical needs like opening for placement and removal of the beam, or holding the beam in place while workers weld or configure the beam. A new approach was needed.
BZI's InnovaTech team created the patent-pending Beam Champ System, where a beam is cradled on a chain and rotated within two or more Beam Champ units as the chain moves. The Beam Champ is designed to eliminate many problems experienced in the use of other branded beam rotators. These improvements include the Vertical Jaw Arm which opens the Beam Champ for the placement or removal of a beam, as well as the Support Arm which holds the beam in place while workers weld or configure the beam.
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“We've challenged the way that it's always been done in the construction industry, and have found a lot of opportunities to make things better and more efficient."

Thomas Harker
Chief Operations Officer at BZI

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